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Directors Notes

Post Production

Ever since I read Anne Rice's Interview with the Vampire in High School I wanted to make my own Vampire movie. I played with many serious ideas but it wasn't until I started watching MTV's Real World that I discovered how funny a Vampire parody would be. With the help of my talented friends on both sides of the camera, Deadworld was born.We shot the entire thing on a budget of $2,000 , taking over the actors homes and using our combined resources for costumes and make up we were able to create the world our Vampires inhabited.

Instead of writing a script and handing it to the actors, I had cast meetings and discussions to help each actor bring their own talents to the character. Once I had a basic idea of how I wanted the story to arc, I used plot points, locations and key lines to guide each scene. Much of the hilarious dialogue was created as we filmed.

The film takes a funny stab at not only the whole Vampire / Goth community but also how reality television has begun to change what we as viewers consider to be reality. We had a lot of fun making it and I am proud of my incredibly talented and funny friends and my first effort in short film making.


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